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Enroll in Early Education

October 5, 2020

From the Memphis Parent article: https://memphisparent.com/education/enroll-in-early-education/

Amidst all the uncertainty of 2020, pre-k enrollment numbers are down in Memphis and Shelby County. While it’s not compulsory, young children who attend pre-k programs have access to a host of services that benefit both students and parents. To keep the Memphis community keyed in to such programs, First 8 partnered with 12 operators around the city to offer year-round enrollment.

For First 8 executive director Dr. Kandace Thomas, it was crucial that parents knew of the resources at their disposal. “We’re excited to be able to put the campaign out there,” she says. “We want to remind families that, even though we are in a pandemic, many of our pre-k programs are virtual, they’re still operating, and there is still access to the supports we provide.”

Many studies have shown that pre-k offers a solid foundation for kids that will reap dividends down the line. “For many families,” explains Thomas, “pre-k is their first involvement with schooling – or any sort of care – outside the home. It can be hard for a child to transition from being at home with family every day to kindergarten. There are assessments, more things are required of them, they have to listen to a teacher and follow instruction, and regulate their emotions. Pre-k gets them ready for that.”

Read the entire article here: https://memphisparent.com/education/enroll-in-early-education/