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Promoting school readiness for children ages 0 to 5 years.

Starting school can be stressful for young children. They must have the tools to manage the transition to kindergarten. And pre-K provides their most important introduction to the classroom.

Being kindergarten ready means being able to adapt and achieve in school. In pre-K, children develop social, emotional, physical and behavioral skills — skills that help them become students. They gain vital experience talking, listening and interacting with others.

But above all, pre-K engages children’s creativity and curiosity in the classroom. And an early love of learning puts them on the path for school success.

Enroll Your Child in Pre-K

Many schools partnering with First 8 Memphis are open for year-round Pre-K registration. Even with uncertainty around classroom instruction due to COVID-19, it’s important that parents register to ensure their student has a spot and can benefit from valuable educational resources. Enrolling your child in Pre-K gives your family access to special support, wraparound services and other impactful resources. Children must be 4 years old by August 15 to be eligible. 

To enroll your child in Pre-K, go to PreKMemphis.com.