First 8 Memphis aligns processes and standards to transform the county’s isolated programs to an integrated system. Our system improves outcomes and reduces costs, while supporting professional and educational opportunities for parents.  

First 8 Memphis Early Childhood System

  • Home Visitation. Supports healthy development and family relationships for children from prenatal to 5 years.
  • Childcare. Provides full-time, full-year care for children ages six weeks to 5 years.
  • Pre-K. Promotes school readiness for children ages 0 to 5 years.
  • K-3rd. Achieves grade-level literacy for children from kindergarten to 3rd grade.

By enhancing collaboration and coordination between programs, we can ensure that all Shelby County families have the best start in life.

First 8 Memphis Partners:

  • LeBonheur Children’s Hospital
  • Hyde Family Foundations
  • Pyramid Peak Foundation
  • Memphis Chamber of Commerce/Chairman’s Circle
  • Bartlett City Schools
  • Ready Set Grow/MAEYC
  • City of Memphis
  • Tennesseans for Quality Early Education
  • ACE Foundation
  • Shelby County Education Foundation
  • University of Memphis
  • Seeding Success
  • Memphis Tomorrow
  • Achievement School District
  • Shelby County Government
  • Memphis Chamber Moon Mission
  • Memphis Association for the Education of Young Children
  • The Urban Child Institute
  • Millington Municipal Schools
  • Shelby County Mayor’s Office
  • Shelby County Schools
  • TN Department of Education
  • Southwest Tennessee Community College
  • Porter-Leath
  • Early Success Coalition
  • TN State Government