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2021-2022 Pre-K RFQ

March 19, 2021

First 8 Memphis solicits proposals from interested and qualified Operators to serve four-year-old children and their families in a high-quality Pre-K program. Operating partners are part of a collaborative early childhood consortium working to meet F8M’s vision of ensuring 90% of students enter Kindergarten ready and 90% of third-graders are reading on grade level by 2025. The Operating partners will coordinate and provide early childhood education services to develop school readiness skills in children, including cognitive, physical, social, and emotional components to ensure Kindergarten readiness (K-readiness). As part of moving students toward K-readiness, students and families will receive wraparound support services. Wraparound services support students’ healthy growth and development through screenings, referrals, and family supports/engagement to meet the individualized needs of families. This Request for Qualifications (“RFQ”) serves to provide local education agencies (LEAs), childcare centers, charter schools, private schools, and others wishing to provide free Pre-K access to income-eligible families with four-year-old children an opportunity to apply to provide maximum enrollment for one or more F8M Pre-K classrooms. F8M invites interested and qualified Operators to prepare and submit responses following the instructions provided to follow. F8M will provide a letter of acceptance to the successful respondent(s) who will enter into a contractual agreement for the Goods and Services outlined in this RFQ.

Deadline is April 9, 2021. Please send questions to rfq@First8Memphis.org.